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Welcome to A.R.S. Armenian School

Welcome! A.R.S. Armenian School is the largest co-educational, Armenian-Canadian bilingual and bicultural day school in Ontario, teaching to students from Preschool through to Grade 12.The Armenian language, cultural and religious studies are weaved into the general curriculum in adherence with the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines.We celebrate our heritage as well as the common ground we share as Canadians.


I hope that you will find our website helpful in providing you with preliminary information about our school. I invite you to contact our Admissions Office to schedule a personal tour to experience firsthand the enriching environment we provide our students.


A.R.S. is a close-knit community of students, faculty, parents and alumni who all share a common vision for the school. The cornerstones of A.R.S. are academic excellence and a strong sense of community and self – all evident from the moment you enter our doors.You will see students’ artwork and assignments on display in our hallways and in our classrooms.You will also immediately feel the sense of order and camaraderie that is essential to creating a harmonious atmosphere conducive to learning.


With over 500 students strong, A.R.S. is an intimate school where students form positive bonds not only with each other and their teachers, but with the entire school community.We encourage and support each student to achieve their personal best, both academically and socially.Students learn their value as individuals, with much to offer both our immediate school community as well as the global community.


A.R.S. is a school with learning at its heart, and while we emphasize the importance of academic excellence, it is crucial to the overall success of a student that they have fun along the way! From sports teams to arts and drama clubs, there is no shortage of extra-curricular activities.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me or our Admissions Department for further information.We look forward to meeting you and to helping you decide if A.R.S. is the right fit for your child.



Dr. Armen Martirossian



A.R.S. Armenian School News

Come Celebrate - 35th Anniversary

20140510 35th anniversary flyer

Annual A.R.S. Telethon 2014 Video



Ձեր Աջակցութիւնը Կ'ապահովէ Մեր Ապագան

Annual A.R.S. Telethon 2014


ARS Armenian Private School opened its doors 35 years ago, providing our young Armenian-Canadian students an outstanding education in an environment that encourages excellence and celebrates their heritage, customs and traditions. Today, 535 students grace its halls, learning in a supportive, nourishing environment. Graduates move on to become...


Telethon 2014: Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

The Board of Trustees of ARS Armenian Private School and Telethon 2014 Committee reach out to you, once again, through the annual telethon, to continue to provide our students with the best educational experience while preserving our Armenian Heritage.

Please find attached a letter from Telethon 2014 Committee requesting your support, as well as a copy of the pledge card. Please...



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